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Dr. Allen Duplantier is a lecturer in the MS in Biotechnology program. He received a BS in Chemistry from the University of New Orleans and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from MIT. He has worked as a Medicinal Chemist on projects spanning all stages of early drug development (e.g. hit identification, lead optimization, IND submission). Dr. Duplantier was a Medicinal Chemistry laboratory supervisor for 20 years at Pfizer in the therapeutic areas of neuroscience, inflammation, allergy and respiratory diseases.

In 2012 he joined George Mason University’s research faculty where he worked in the antimicrobial peptide area. Shortly after, he went on detail to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as a Senior Advisor for Medical Chemical Countermeasure (MCM) discovery and development. In 2014 Dr. Duplantier joined the Therapeutic Development Center (TDC) at USAMRIID focusing on the discovery of novel therapeutics to treat antiviral and antibacterial infections. He is currently a Principal Consultant with the Latham BioPharm Group.

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