Refund Schedule

When Withdrawing Refund Received
Prior to the first day of class Dropped at 100%
First week of class and prior to the 2nd week of class* Dropped at 90%
Second week of class and prior to the 3rd week of class Dropped at 75%
Third week of class and prior to the 4th week of class Dropped at 50%
Beginning the fourth week of classes, courses will be withdrawn (“W” appears on transcript) Withdrawn with no refund

*Please note: for online classes the first week may be truncated; however, week 2 will always begin the Monday after online classes begin.

What Is the AAP Refund Policy?

Refunds are made in accordance with the schedule listed above and are updated each term.

What Does a “W” Mean?

Students who drop a course after the start of the fourth week of class will have a “W” placed on their official transcript, indicating withdrawal from a course.

How Do I Drop a Course?

Students may drop classes online via SIS > Registration > Add/Drop Classes during the regular registration period. During late registration, SIS is closed and students must use the Online Add/Drop form. Please note that all fees are non-refundable.

Please Note

  • Telephone and email withdrawals are not accepted.
  • Instructors or advisors never authorize or process withdrawals.
  • Refunds are not granted to students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons.
  • If a course is canceled by the school, the tuition is refunded in full.

Exception to the Refund Policy

In the case of rare or exceptional personal medical situations or personal military requirements, a student may request to appeal the standard AAP refund schedule/policy. Refund policy appeals must be submitted in writing (and received) by the Advanced Academic Programs Registration Office in Washington, D.C., no later than the last day of classes of the very next semester/term. All supporting documentation and/or a thorough written explanation for the appeal must be included. The appeal will be reviewed by the Associate and Assistant Deans of AAP. Review times may vary depending upon the complexity of the appeal. Average review times for appeals range from four to six weeks from the date received. All decisions are final.

Maximum refunds under such circumstances will be equal to one refund level higher than the student received unless otherwise specified. To submit your request, please follow the instructions on the AAP Refund Request Petition page.

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