Online Course Support & Help

AAP provides academic and technical support to ensure an engaging and successful online learning experience.

Get Help & Support

Technology Support Help Desk

Online students and faculty have 24/7 access to Help Desk support:

JHU-Wide Support: JHED and JHU Email

Please call IT @ Johns Hopkins Support Center at 410-516-4357 if you have a question about:

  • Your JHED ID and password.
  • Accessing JHU’s online library (using a VPN).
  • Your JHU email account.

Student Registration, Support, and Orientation

Finding and Registering for Online Courses

Online courses are designated as such on the program’s course schedule and are marked with a section number that can range from .81 through .89. For more information about online courses in a specific program, visit your program’s page.

To register for an online course, students will follow the same policy as registering for a face-to-face course. Visit the registration page for more information.

Disability Services

Johns Hopkins University is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities.  Accommodations in the online environment usually require a lot of lead time to complete, so submitting your request early is helpful. Visit our Disability Services page for more information on how to request accommodations.

Online Orientation

Students who have not previously taken an Advanced Academic Programs online course will be automatically enrolled in the AAP Blackboard Orientation course as soon as they register. The orientation should be completed prior to the start of the term.

Students will receive instructions via email about how to access and complete the orientation. The orientation course will prepare them to use all the tools in the course management system and reinforce the study skills and communication strategies that make an online student successful. Students must complete the orientation successfully so that they can participate fully in their graduate online course.

Other Inquiries

For inquiries not described above, or if you have unsuccessfully tried to resolve your issue using the above contact information, please email