The Film and Media program’s classrooms and design spaces are collaborative environments led by seasoned professionals and often enhanced by visits from experts in the field.

Here are just some of the guests adding to the classroom discourse during recent semesters:

Artists in Residence

In Collaboration with the Sundance Institute

In November of 2019, the Sundance Institute announced an action plan to to help improve equity and inclusion in emerging media, the Future of Culture Initiative. As part of the partnership with JHU, the Sundance Insititute's New Frontier Lab Programs established the artists' residency program which supports two participating artists.

Diego Galafassi, Artist in Residence

Diego Galafassi is a visual artist and sustainability scientist from Brazil living in Stockholm. He holds a Ph.D. from Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University where he studied the role of co-creation of knowledge and artistic practices in transformations towards sustainability. He is a writer, producer and director of documentaries as well as experimental film and performance.

His project, Breathe (in collaboration with Jess Engel), is a mixed-reality application that utilizes the Magic Leap headset to enhance understanding of climate change by inviting viewers to break free from their bodies in order to experience themselves as a cohesive part of the greater living world.

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer, Artist in Residence

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer is working on Toxic, a documentary app based on her TED Talk that uses artificial intelligence to piece together a variety of personalized data sources in order to present an interactive non-fiction story about the effects of environmental pollution on children.

She is a BAFTA-nominated director and producer whose credits include BBC‘s Shakespeare’s Stories, as well as the BBC4 documentary Me and My Dad, which followed her on a trip to Trinidad to confront her father, a former magistrate jailed for bribery and corruption.

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