Published March 14, 2024

Group of people, outside, standing around a table, wearing lD badges, coworkers.Nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations play a vital role in social change, community development, and humanitarian efforts. If you have a passion for leading positive change, a career in nonprofit management may be the perfect fit.

Read on for insight into the field of nonprofit management, including average salaries and career paths.

What is Nonprofit Management?

Nonprofit management involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit or NGO. Like any organization, nonprofits and NGOs require effective leadership and resource allocation to meet their goals.

Key Aspects of Nonprofit Management

While resource allocation in a nonprofit or NGO may be similar in nature to that of a for-profit organization, nonprofits and NGOs often have different operational needs than for-profit businesses.

Core functions of nonprofit management include:

  • Fundraising: Securing funding through grant writing, organizing fundraising events, and a maintaining a network of individual and corporate donors.
  • Financial Transparency: Documenting that funds are being used appropriately and in compliance with legal and ethical standards.
  • Volunteer Management: Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers.
  • Community Outreach: Raising awareness of the organization through marketing, public relations, and community engagement.
  • Strategic Planning: Planning long term to ensure the organization is sustainable.
  • Mission-Driven Focus: Ensuring the organization grows while serving its primary purpose of helping people.

Nonprofit Management Jobs

There are an array of roles and specialties tied to the management of nonprofits and NGOs. A typical nonprofit management career might begin with an entry-level position centered on organizational operations and basic administrative tasks. Advancing professionals step into senior roles involving team management, project supervision, and strategic planning.

Some common nonprofit management jobs and salaries are:

Social and Community Service Manager
Salary: $72,906 mid-level; $128,177 senior-level
Job Growth: 1.09%

Social and community service managers oversee the planning and implementation of programs that fulfill community needs. These professionals use their management skills to navigate the complexities of social issues and enhance the organization’s impact on the community.

Fundraising Manager
Salary: $107,356 mid-level; $205,253 senior-level
Job Growth: 0.91%

In the nonprofit sector, fundraising managers play a vital role in securing financial resources. They develop and execute fundraising strategies and campaigns while cultivating relationships with donors.

Training and Development Managers
Salary: $119.563 mid-level; $210,851 senior-level
Job Growth: 0.77%

Nonprofit training and development managers oversee the education of staff and volunteers, which may involve leading training programs and facilitating continuous learning while keeping a pulse on the organization’s personnel needs. These managers contribute to the overall effectiveness of the nonprofit by ensuring that the workforce is well equipped to fulfill the organization’s objectives.

Marketing Managers
Salary: $134,724 mid-level; $262,076 senior-level
Job Growth: 0.77%

Marketing managers in nonprofit settings create awareness and promote the organization’s mission. They develop comprehensive marketing strategies that align with the organization’s values and don’t exceed their budget. The goal of these campaigns is to enhance the visibility of the nonprofit, attract supporters, and communicate the impact of the organization’s initiatives.

Project Management Specialists
Salary: $95,110 mid-level; $161,267 senior-level
Job Growth: 0.68%

Nonprofit project management specialists oversee initiatives, ensuring alignment with the organization’s mission. They facilitate cross-team planning to ensure the project is completed within the set timeframe and budget. These specialists ensure that the nonprofit’s objectives are achieved with measurable impact on the community or cause.

Compensation and projected growth data are supplied by Lightcast. Visit JHU AAP’s MA in Nonprofit Management to review career outlook data in more detail. Johns Hopkins University cannot guarantee employment placement, salary level, or career advancement.

Benefits of a Nonprofit Management Master’s Degree Program

Being successful in nonprofit management requires a commitment to education and professional development. While leadership positions don’t always require a master’s degree, having a specialized education can have a positive influence on your career. A master’s degree program can help you:

Develop as a Leader

Nonprofit management courses help you develop knowledge and skills in ethical decision-making, strategic planning, governance, and communication. Adding these refined skills to your toolbox can help you better assess organizational needs, allowing for more effective resource allocation. You’ll also learn how to lead diverse teams, manage volunteers, and facilitate a culture that motivates and engages staff.

Gain Financial Acumen

You can sharpen your financial management skills with a curriculum tailored to the unique financial structures and challenges of nonprofits. This includes understanding funding sources, financial reporting, and compliance. This insight into the financial operations of a nonprofit can help you be a more informed, effective leader.

Access a New Network

Building a robust professional network is a key advantage of pursuing a master’s degree in nonprofit management. Being part of a master’s degree program allows you to build a network of professionals in the field, which can lead to exciting new opportunities.

Earn Your Nonprofit Management Master’s Degree

If you are ready to do good in the world while enjoying a fulfilling career, JHU AAP’s MA in Nonprofit Management can help you flourish. You’ll gain invaluable insight from our renowned faculty, who have long and distinguished careers in the top tiers of their professions.

JHU’s MA in Nonprofit Management program is offered online, and you can study part- or full-time. Learn more by filling out our online inquiry form today!

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