Publisher Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs

Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs division is excited to announce the launch of its new blog, On the Advance, which offers insight into the graduate education landscape, plus tips, tools, and advice on how to evaluate, plan, and pursue a master’s degree program.

On the Advance

Through On the Advance, AAP’s expert faculty, admissions professionals, and academic leaders share their knowledge of the complexities of graduate education, exploring topics such as the role AAP plays in educating the next generation of leaders, how high-quality graduate programs accomplish their educational goals, and the emerging industry trends shaping the careers—and educational needs—of the future.

Regular posts will examine the value of a graduate education in the many fields and industries served by AAP’s graduate programs, including geographic information systems, film and media, economics, biotechnology, environmental science, government, and more. On the Advance will also highlight the academic endeavors and career successes of its students and alumni, giving readers an in-depth look at how others have successfully employed graduate education to further their personal and professional goals.

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