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Organizations—from multinational corporations to government agencies—can now provide their employees with the latest knowledge and capabilities through non-degree, non-credit custom programs offered by Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic Programs.

graphic of puzzle pieces, hands, 2 magnifying glasses, and the JHU logoAAP’s custom programs build on the division’s three decades of experience as a provider of master’s degree programs for working professionals and are offered across the division’s areas of expertise, which range from biotechnology to economics to organizational leadership.

“We recognize organizations’ needs for flexibility in providing learning and professional development to their teams,” says AAP Director of Strategic Planning Samuel Robfogel. “Sometimes a master’s degree is right, and sometimes shorter, tailored programs are best.”

Through custom programs, organizations can build the skills and knowledge their workforce needs, says AAP’s Center for Biotechnology Education Director James Coker. In biotechnology, which is just one of AAP’s areas of expertise, that means that “whether an employer wants to train their workforce to leverage AI or bioinformatics, or to become regulatory experts, we can help,” says Coker. “And we have laboratory space where we can teach essential lab skills as well as upstream and downstream processes.”

Programs are taught by Johns Hopkins faculty who bring expertise as scholars and industry practitioners. They can be delivered online, onsite at an organization’s location, or at university locations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

“No matter the format or delivery mode, our goal with custom programs is to allow organizations to access the excellence and expertise of Johns Hopkins in a way that supports the success of the organization—and its employees,” says Robfogel. “We help organizations invest in their employees to advance innovation, boost performance, and build a culture of continuous improvement.”

AAP continues to offer partnerships for organizations seeking to enroll groups in curated master’s degree programs, as well.

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