Time: Nov 10 1:30 PM
Location: Online or at the Advanced Academic Programs office in Washington D.C.
1717 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036

“Speaking Truth to Power” featuring Benjamin Ginsberg and Collin Paschall

Truth and power have a difficult relationship.

Decision makers are often required to make judgements that depend upon specialized knowledge and thus reluctantly surrender power. They are apt to reject advice inconsistent with their perceived interests, experiences and cognitive capacities. In Speaking Truth to Power, Benjamin Ginsberg and Collin Paschall guide the reader through the tangled relationship between truth and power, manifesting as the interplay between experts and decision-makers in society.

Join us either online or in-person for a lively discussion of their new book, Speaking Truth to Power.

This will be a hybrid in-person event held in Washington, D.C., at our offices at 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

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