Advanced Academic Programs, Washington, D.C.

Robert Engle has an MA from Harvard University where he received the Dean’s Academic Achievement Award and a BS from University of Florida in Journalism. Rob has been teaching graduate and undergraduate communication courses since 2014. He is president of Engle & Co. The company provides creative public and investor relations strategies for a number of leading private and public firms and organizations involved in real estate, construction, development, high tech, consumer goods, and finance. Prior to forming Engle & Co., Engle served as a press secretary and legislative aide to Senator Paula Hawkins (Fla.), Congressman Dan Mica (Fla.), and Congressman Don Ritter (Pa.). He also served as director of public relations for a large Washington advertising and marketing agency and as head of public relations for a local American Cancer Society chapter. He holds a master’s degree in history from Harvard University and is also an alumnus of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, having completed senior executive studies in strategies of persuasion; he completed his undergraduate studies in journalism/public relations at the University of Florida.

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