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Richard Kissel is a paleontologist and Vice President of Education at The DoSeum. From Texas to Germany, Dr. Kissel has traveled the world to excavate and study the fossil remains of ancient amphibians, dinosaurs and other reptiles, and the ancient relatives of mammals. He has authored popular articles and children’s books on paleontology, museums, and the nature of science. He coauthored “Evolving Planet” for Abrams Books for Young Readers with Erica Kelly (Monterey Bay Aquarium), and also coauthored “Dinosaurs and Dioramas: Creating Natural History Exhibitions” with Dr. Sarah Chicone (Johns Hopkins University). Dr. Kissel is a featured scientist online at NOVA’s scienceNOW, and in 2016 was an invited speaker at the TEDxYale conference.

Prior to his current work, Dr. Kissel served as the Director of Public Programs at Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History, where he led public education and the development, design, and production of exhibitions. From 2008–2013 he served as Director of Teacher Programs at the Paleontological Research Institution and, from 2003–2008, as Science Program Specialist at The Field Museum, where he also served as the primary scientific advisor for Evolving Planet, The Field’s permanent, 27,000-square-foot exhibition on life’s history.

Richard is deeply interested in inquiry-based approaches to STEM education, exhibition development and design, the role of museums within society, and the history and nature of science. Dr. Kissel holds a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, an MS in Geosciences, and a BS in Geology. He has also taught at Cornell University and Ithaca College.

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