Advanced Academic Programs, Washington, D.C.

At Johns Hopkins, Rashonda Harris is a lecturer for the Master of Science in Research Administration program.

A leader in research administration for 25 years, Harris is the assistant vice president for research, post-award and contractual compliance at Penn State University. Harris also serves as an adviser in Temple University’s Fox School of Business, Masters, Capstone course. She is a volunteer for the National Council of University Research Administrators, a past National Board Member, a DRA Traveling workshop faculty member, and a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. Harris is also a former member of the NCURA Taskforce on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and a former Region III DEI committee member. She is a current Professional Development Committee member and active in the Society of Research Administrators International, volunteering in similar activities.

Harris holds a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, with a minor in information systems and a Master of Business Administration from Temple University. She is finishing her Doctor of Education at Baylor University.¬†She is the founder and chief executive officer of Purple Sheep Consulting.

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