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Laurie McClellan is a writer and editor who graduated from the Johns Hopkins writing program in 2008. Her articles and essays have appeared in The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, National Parks, National Geographic, literary journals, and many other publications. Her writing projects include researching and writing the text for science and history stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service, as well as writing and editing the annual Stamp Yearbook. Laurie also works as a photographer. Her photos have appeared in regional magazines such as Blue Ridge Country and Frederick and can be found on many websites, including

Laurie began her media career in television, where she worked as a science reporter and producer for the Discovery Science Channel and National Geographic Digital Media. She was nominated for an Emmy for her work covering the Lost Boys of Sudan. She now teaches in the Johns Hopkins Science Writing program and works as a research editor at AARP Magazine. In her freelance writing work, she specializes in science, nature, and travel.

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