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Advanced Academic Programs, Homewood Campus, Baltimore, MD

Laurence Ball is the Program Chair from September 1, 2012. He has been a Professor of Economics at Johns Hopkins University since 1994. He has taught previously at Princeton and NYU. He is a Research Associate at NBER. His research is on macroeconomics, especially the behavior of inflation and unemployment, and monetary policy.

He is the author of “The Fed and Lehman Brothers: Setting the Record Straight on a Financial Disaster, Money, Banking, and Financial Markets” and co-author of “Macroeconomics and the Financial System”, with N. Gregory Mankiw.

He has been visiting scholar at many central banks, including the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Central Bank of Norway, and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and at the IMF.

His Ph.D. is from MIT.

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