Hopkins Bloomberg Center
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Jim Blanchard has spent his time equally between the field and lab over his 40+ year career. He serves as an advisor to numerous schools on Land.Air.Sea Robotics (LASR) and is an active member of numerous LASR strategy teams within DoD, DHS, State Department, and Homeland Security programs. His research as a Principal Scientist involves directing two LASR field labs in the D.C. area. Presently focused on environmental applications of LASR in Shore-Sea Interface (SSI) armoring impact/living shorelines/tidal marshes; and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) post-fire recovery/erosion. Currently, he spends about 200 days a year in the field, primarily Chesapeake Bay, Florida, and California mountains supporting Scientific Data-to-Information LASR workflow verification and validation. Holder of 20+ patents worldwide, Jim is a savvy start-up founder in both Government & Private Sector initiatives, with numerous successes in service, technology, education, retail, and construction markets. Since 2013, his not for profit UAS Academy has been developing, validating, and teaching LASR-based Sensor & Information courses, focused primarily on Environmental and Public Safety uses.

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