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Hopkins Bloomberg Center
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Jamie Zvirzdin teaches science writing in the MA Science Writing Program at Johns Hopkins University and researches cosmic rays for the Telescope Array Project at the University of Utah. In May 2019, Zvirzdin received the Excellence in Teaching Award in Science Writing for 2018–2019 from JHU Advanced Academic Programs.

Before this, she was a science editor for a decade, acting as managing editor for the Brussels-based NGO Atomium Culture, as well as a proofreader of graduate textbooks on engineering, computer programming, optics, mathematics, statistics, and astrophysics for CRC Press, a member of the Taylor & Francis Group. She received her MFA in Writing & Literature from Bennington College, Vermont, in 2015.

Zvirzdin also taught astronomy at the Pierre and Marie Curie School and the American University of Managua in Nicaragua from 2016 to 2018. She has published essays and articles with The Atlantic, Orion Magazine, Issues in Science & Technology, and other venues. Links to her writing can be found through her online portfolio:

She has lived in Utah, Toronto, Italy, Belgium, New York, D.C., the Marshall Islands, Montreal, Nicaragua, and Maryland as part of a Foreign Service family.

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