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At Johns Hopkins, Amir Hossein Chizari is a lecturer for the MS in Applied Economics program.

Prior to joining Johns Hopkins, Chizari served as a professor of agricultural economics at the University of Tehran and worked as an economic adviser in the agriculture industry. He has taught macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic development, marketing, and supply chain management at various universities in the United States and at the University of Tehran for more than 27 years. Chizari also supervised more than 25 master’s students’ theses and 20 doctoral students’ theses for the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Tehran. In addition, he helped develop an agriculture exchange commission in Iran.

Chizari earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from California State University, Dominguez Hills; a Master of Science in agricultural economics from North Carolina State University; and a PhD in agricultural economics from Mississippi State University.

Featured Works

  • “Investigating the Effect of Quality and Packaging on the Price of Edible Sunflower Oil,” Amir H. Chizari and Mohadeseh Dehghani, Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, 2023
  • “Determining the Growth Period of Economic Production in Broiler Industrial Units in Selected Provinces of Iran,” Amir H. Chizari, Azam Al Sadat Hosseini, and Safdar Hosseini, Agriculture Economics Journal, 2023
  • “The Effect of Food Industry Companies’ Growth Rate and Life Cycle on Their Profitability on the Tehran Stock Exchange,” Amir H. Chizari and Atefeh Karimib, Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 2023
  • “Determining the Optimal Stock Portfolio of Agriculture Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange,” Amir H. Chizari, Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp. 383-395, 2022
  • “Impact of Price and Non-Price Factors on the Iranian Pistachios Market,” Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology, Vol. 22 (6), 2020

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