In addition to classwork, you will have an opportunity to hone in your research skills and become a subject-matter expert through thesis writing, independent research, and international study opportunities.

Hands-on Learning Experience

Thesis Process

The thesis is a portfolio of three papers written during the course of the student’s graduate school career. It is the culmination of graduate work in the program and the final product of the degree. The thesis process is an opportunity for students to examine in-depth important political or policy questions with the ultimate end of making an original contribution to research in the field.

Independent Study

An independent study is a special project that an advanced student proposes to complete within a single semester to fulfill an elective course credit. Students usually are not eligible to propose an independent study unless they have completed at least eight courses in the government program. The tuition for an independent study is the regular tuition for a single course for the term in question. Students enrolled in an independent study are exempt from the two symposia requirement for the term in question. Students interested in applying for an Independent Study should contact their adviser.

International Study

Among the Center for Data Analytics, Policy, and Government’s most exciting opportunities are our study abroad options, typically offered as summer courses. These courses give students the unparalleled experience of visiting a country and learning about it from local leaders, citizens and experts in the field. In the past, we have offered courses with components in Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Israel, India, Normandy and London.

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