Administrative Contact Information

Faculty Support: On Site Classes

[Intro Text]Includes AV requests, room assignments, classroom technology, and general questions.[/Intro Text]

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[2) Accordion Title]Homewood[/2) Accordion Title]
[3) Accordion Text][Column 1]Lorrie Green
Phone: 410.516.6749
Fax: 410.516.6017

3400 N. Charles Street
Wyman Park Building
Suite S-603
Baltimore, MD 21218

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Odyssey: Janet Roberts
Phone: 410.516.7428
Fax: 410.516.6520

3400 N. Charles Street
Wyman Park Building
Suite S-740
Baltimore, MD 21218

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[2) Accordion Title]Montgomery County Campus[/2) Accordion Title]
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Kirsty Gharavi
Phone: 301.294.7162
Fax: 301.294.7103

Academic and Research Building (A&R)
9601 Medical Center Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

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[2) Accordion Title]Washington, D.C., Center[/2) Accordion Title]
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Maria Mendez
Phone: 202.452.0749
Fax: 202.452.8713

1717 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Suite 104
Washington, DC 20036

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Faculty Support: Online and Web-Supported Courses

[1) Accordion Wrap][2) Accordion Title]Instructional Design/Teaching and Learning Consultations[/2) Accordion Title][3) Accordion Text][Column 1]

AAP Instructional Design (

Lisa Rizzo
Phone: 410.516.5047

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  • Help Desk for online courses:
    Online Course support page.
  • Toll free, 24/7 help desk: 1.855.593.0086.

[/Column 1][Column 2]If the help desk cannot resolve the issue, please contact AAP Technical Support.[/Column 2][/3) Accordion Text][2) Accordion Title]Instructional Technology Training[/2) Accordion Title][3) Accordion Text]

AAP Faculty Training (

Training Calendar

[/3) Accordion Text][2) Accordion Title]Multimedia Support[/2) Accordion Title]
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Patrick Fisher
Phone: 202.452.1934

AAP Multimedia Support (

Multimedia Request Form

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Additional Contacts
Appointment letters Tanya Spriggs
Blackboard Training and Support JHU Blackboard.
Technology Training.
To signup for training or trainer office hours, go to the Instructional Resource Center Training Calendar.
Book Orders Submit to Course Director via MBS Direct Service Center:
Username: afaculty
Password: facultycd (case sensitive).
Classroom IT Support Contact the Faculty Services Coordinator at your teaching site.
Course Rosters and Grading
(using your JHED log-in ID)
JHU ISIS (Integrated Student Information System).
ISIS for Faculty tutorial.
Desk Copies (for all courses) Fill out online form.
Contact Jordan Johnson at, 202.452.1280 with questions.
Disability Services for Students Faculty should refer students with disabilities who may require academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, or other accommodations promptly to, 202.452.1286.
Instructional Resource Center
Johns Hopkins Email Set-up JHU Exchange email access.
JHU IT Helpdesk 410.516.HELP, for problems with JHED log-in and university systems.
JHU Weather Emergency Hotline 800.548.9004,
JHU Emergency and Security Information.
Library E-Reserves Send your syllabus to with instructions on which books or pages you want on e-reserves.
Library Services: Questions, Research & Resources Homewood: Ask a Librarian, 410.516.8335;
Montgomery County:, 301.294.7030;
Washington, DC:, 202.452.0714.
Payroll Concerns, Address Changes and JHED ID
Software for Classrooms/Computer Labs Daniel Baker at, 202.452.1933.
Request 3 weeks prior to the start of class.
University Policies Found by scrolling to the bottom of the AAP Faculty Resources.