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The Master of Arts in Public Management combines rigorous academics and strategic skills, challenging students to apply the latest theory, scientific findings, and new management methods to help solve real-world governance and policy issues.

Quick Stats

Course Locations Washington, DC; *Online
Available 100% Online *Yes (starting the summer of 2015 students can complete their 12 course requirement online).
Entry Terms Fall, Spring or Summer semester
Degree Requirements 12 courses

At a time when governments and nonprofits at all levels are expected to do more with less, good management is essential. The Johns Hopkins MA in Public Management will empower you to be strategic, but will also provide you with the fundamentals of public management: policy analysis and evaluation, financial management, economics and fiscal policy, and public policy and administration. This innovative degree recognizes that governmental and nonprofit sectors share common ground—and common goals. The MA in Public Management prepares emerging leaders like you to face those complex challenges.

We designed the curriculum for working professionals in the government and nonprofit sector, allowing you to take courses at a full- or part-time pace. For the degree, you’ll complete 12 courses, including a capstone project that gives you a chance to address a practical, real world challenge using the skills and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your studies.  You’ll have to  get up-to-speed quickly on a specific content or issue area; use key process skills such as project management; and develop competency in gathering, analyzing, and reporting on data.

The MA in Public Management offers an exciting educational experience that you’ll be able to apply directly to work in the government, private, and nonprofit sectors.

The Public Management program is endorsed by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and is a member of the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA).

State-specific Information for Online Programs

*Note: We currently are not accepting applications to the online Master of Arts in Public Management from students who reside in Alabama, Iowa, Kansas or Wisconsin. Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.

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