Outside Scholarships

Scholarships from Outside Sources

Scholarships from private sources are an additional method of financing your graduate education. The University recommends that students apply for other scholarship and fellowship funds which may be available through outside sources: the state or federal government, private donors, and corporations. Information about these programs may be obtained by searching the Web. Links to outside funding searches can be found here, and at Outside/Private Scholarships. You can also check at the public library, academic departments, or community organizations. Students must report all awards received to the Office of Student Financial Services. Students who receive private scholarships may have their loan and/or work-study reduced accordingly.

Students are expected to report any outside awards to the Office of Student Financial Services including outside scholarships, employer tuition benefits, and military benefits. Please use the Outside Award Form on our webpage.

Special Note for Maryland State residents:

Students can now log on to the Maryland Higher Education Commission website to get up-to-the-minute information about scholarships and financial assistance. Students can also check on the status of their state scholarship application.

Consider the Bryce Harlow Fellowship Application if you are enrolled in an area outlined by the program.