Join the Energy and Environmental Programs Speaker Series in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus series part 4 on Wednesday, March 17th at 2 PM EDT. This presentation's guest speaker is Dr. Gannet Hallar, Storm Peak Laboratory, and the University of Utah.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus Part 4

This talk will introduce the connections between the energy-water-food nexus with a focus on the impacts of climate change and agricultural expansion in altering the landscape of the U.S. Great Plains, producing increases in windblown dust. Dr. Hallar will present recent results from satellite data combined with surface networks to show a significant increase in airborne dust over the last two decades. This airborne dust is negatively influencing human health and visibility and coincides with increases in agricultural production. These results foreshadow a future where desertification becomes an increasing risk in the Great Plains in the event of increased drought severity or frequency due to climate change. Potential solutions to avoid desertification and health risks will be discussed.

About the Series

The Energy and Environmental Programs Speaker Series is pleased to announce our seminar theme for the 2020-21 academic year is the Water-Energy-Food Nexus. This relationship describes an idea central to sustainable development: the linkage between water security, food security, and energy security. With the increasing global population, economic growth, urbanization, and shifting consumption, demand for water, food, and energy is rising globally. An example of the linkages between the three domains can be seen with agriculture and food production. Agriculture is the largest consumer of freshwater resources, and more than one-fourth of the energy expended globally is used on food production and supply. Each seminar this year will explore the relationship between these three sectors from a variety of different narratives and approaches.

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