The Energy and Environmental Programs Speaker Series, GIS After Dark, and the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies are pleased to invite you to attend on Wednesday, December 2nd at 2 PM EDT for Part 2 of the "Water-Energy-Food Nexus" series. For the second part of this series, we will hear from Paul Sullivan from the National Defense University and Johns Hopkins University.

This talk will introduce the connections between the energy-water-food nexus and international security, resource stress, and conflict. Dr. Sullivan will present examples from the past, the present, and potential futures. Some of these examples will be focused on India, China, Pakistan, the “Third Pole”, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the Sahel. Climate change will be presented as a threat multiplier and a threat creator. Some related issues to be discussed include the importance of reason, science, and common sense; how some cognitive constraints like bounded rationality and improper discounting can get in the way; and the importance of moral, ethical, and strategic leadership.

These are the opinions of the speaker and not of the National Defense University.

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