“Seven American Cults”

Seven cults pervade the U.S. to its detriment. Each of these involves an uncritical overvaluing of a phenomenon that is benign or useful in proper perspective and proportion, but harmfully misleading when idolized. These include the cults of quantification, expedience, science, literalism, black & white thinking (jumping from one extreme to the other), democracy, and individualism. Led by Professor Chris Dreisbach this presentation offers examples of each, the moral principles each violates, and the logical fallacy each commits. Discussion includes whether it is fair to regard these as cults, what might mitigate their negative effects, and what other phenomena might qualify for a list of this sort.

Anniversary program overview:

Founded in 1962, the Master of Liberal Arts at the Johns Hopkins University is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Come join Associate Director, Dr. Tristan Cabello, on a journey of celebration with the faculty and students of the Hopkins MLA program. With its diverse student body, the Hopkins MLA is home to students from different backgrounds, with numerous academic interests and with varied professional careers.

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