Time: Feb 9 6:00 PM
Location: Online

Dr. Tristan Cabello leads a curated discussion with Dr. Michael Harding on "Historicism and Tragic Atheism in Nietzsche."

Faculty Spotlight – February 2022 featuring Michael Harding

Nietzsche’s reckoning with the historicism serves as an entryway into his philosophy as a whole. Hegel had argued that History has a progressive and teleological direction, while Nietzsche denies this.

This paper works through Nietzsche’s analysis of the problem of history, and the moral effects that this historical consciousness can have. This analysis serves as an entryway into Nietzsche’s later thought because what he addresses himself to is the death of God avant la lettre. The tragic atheism of the later Nietzsche is prefigured in his early analysis of historical consciousness and historicism.

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