Time: Mar 7 10:30 AM
Location: Online

In recent years, the economic integration of nations appears to have slowed, a development often termed ‘deglobalization’. To what extent is deglobalization occurring and is it likely to continue? Who gains and who loses from it? And are there reasons to be cheerleaders for deglobalization? Join us for a discussion of these issues with Harvard University’s Dani Rodrik and J.P. Morgan’s Joyce Chang.

Dani Rodrik is a world-renowned researcher on globalization, economic growth and development, and political economy. Rodrik is the Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. He was President of the International Economic Association during 2021-23 and helped found IEA’s Women in Leadership in Economics initiative.

Joyce Chang is Chair of Global Research for J.P. Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank. Chang was a Managing Director at Merrill Lynch and Salomon Brothers before joining J.P. Morgan Chase in 1999. She sponsors J.P. Morgan’s Women on the Move Network and the network for employees of Asian heritage (AsPIRE).

The conversation will be moderated by Prakash Loungani, program director for the MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University.

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