AI in Communications

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all the rage but most of us don’t even realize when we are interacting with a product or site using AI. ChatGPT has highlighted one use case of AI for content creation but there are many more available for communications practitioners and behavior change experts. How do you leverage AI in your role, where do you start and how do you ensure it is ethically applied? We will discuss all that and more in the session on AI in Communications.

Ashley Duqué Kienzle is the CEO and Founder of Almma Health, a women’s health and environmental company. She is an entrepreneur and executive specializing in AI and business strategy with a passion for user experience and customer focused solutions. Duqué Kienzle drives and delivers transformational change through integration of progressive business ideas with emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence. Key strengths of hers include leading high performing multidisciplinary teams in the identification and shaping and delivery of key business initiatives and products, all while having fun as they achieve stellar results.

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