Time: Mar 26 7:00 PM
Location: Online

Join host alumnus Byron Ricks for a curated conversation with NPR's Nell Greenfieldboyce on her new book, Transient and Strange: Notes on the Science of Life.

Publisher W.W. Norton describes this debut book published in January of 2024, as “a wholly original collection of powerful, emotionally raw, and unforgettable personal essays that probe the places where science touches our lives most intimately….Expertly weaving her own experiences of motherhood and marriage with an almost devotional attention to the natural world, Greenfieldboyce grapples with the weighty dualities of life: birth and death, constancy and impermanence, memory and doubt, love and aging.”

Greenfieldboyce received a Master of Arts in Science Writing in 1995 from Johns Hopkins University. She worked at weekly news magazines, including New Scientist and U.S. News & World Report, before coming to NPR in 2005 to report on science and technology.

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