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Matt received his PhD in economics from Virginia Tech and has a decade of combined private and public sector experience, having served as both a Manager at Deloitte Tax LLP and most recently as a Senior Economist at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While at Deloitte, Matt utilized economic and financial analyses to help companies across a wide spectrum of industries establish and defend the arm’s length nature of their related party transactions. During his time at the FDA, he served as the lead economist on several high-profile nutrition and tobacco regulations. Matt also began a new research agenda while at the FDA focusing on food economics and has published papers in that area.

Matt has teaching experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and has taught numerous traditional and online courses at various universities, including Washington and Lee University, Emory University, Bridgewater State University, and Oregon State University. His teaching interests include statistics, econometrics, cost-benefit analysis, and microeconomics. Matt’s research interests include food economics, behavioral economics, and labor economics and his work has appeared in Food Policy, Agricultural Economics, the Journal of Economic Psychology, Applied Economics Letters, the Journal of Labor Research, the Journal of Socio-Economics, and the Southern Economic Journal.

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