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Jennifer da Rosa, EdD is the Assistant Program Director for JHU Energy and Environmental Programs. Jenn has a background in geology, oceanography, and science education, specializing in climate change misconceptions. She advocates for the use of conceptual change strategies to address earth and environmental science misconceptions. Jenn’s research interests include earth and environmental science education, adult learning philosophy, experiential and active learning strategies, science misconceptions, behavioral economics as applied to climate and environmental issues, and public land policy.

Jenn was formerly an instructor with the United States Naval Academy’s (USNA) STEM Center for Education and Outreach, where she worked with USNA midshipmen and faculty to offer science and engineering outreach programs around the country and overseas. Jenn has also previously taught for the University of Maryland University College, Anne Arundel Community College, and Texas Woman’s University. She has developed courses in climate change, natural disasters, environmental sustainability, renewable energy technology and policy, the social science of climate change, GIS, public land policy, and several intensive field courses.

Prior to her teaching career, Jenn served as a civilian oceanographer for the Naval Oceanographic Office’s (NAVO) Warfighting Support Center at Stennis Space Center, Mississippi. During that time, she used her knowledge of ocean, environmental, hydrographic, and geologic processes to analyze commercial and classified satellite imagery and prepare GIS and imagery products in support of vital Unites States Naval Operations.

Jenn received her Doctor of Education (EdD) in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership at Northeastern University. Her dissertation research explored the link between worldview and climate science misconceptions among adults. She has an MS in geoscience with specialization in oceanography from Texas A&M University and a BS in geology from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Jenn teaches many courses for JHU, including Geological Foundations of Environmental Science, Sustainability Science, Tropical Ecology and Conservation of African Wildlife, Public Lands-Private Interests: The Struggle for Common Ground, Geology and Tropical Ecology of Hawaii, Understanding Public Attitudes for the Communication of Climate and Energy Policy, Energy, Eutrophication, and Inundation in Coastal Louisiana, Renewable Energy and Climate Change Projects in California.

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