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Henry Kotanjyan is a policy adviser and consultant whose research interests include international energy governance, sustainable energy development and transition strategies of governments and corporations, energy policies in Europe, Eurasia, and OPEC member states, energy security, country risk and geopolitics. Mr. Kotanjyan held analytical and managerial positions at the Washington-based business consultancy PFC Energy and the Energy & Resources practice of Deloitte & Touche, the world’s largest professional services firm. Later in his career, Mr. Kotanjyan received appointment as a senior adviser on sustainable energy at the United Nations Secretariat, where he was responsible for developing sustainable energy transition and climate change mitigation strategies for governments of UN member states. Currently, he manages a US-based consulting practice. Mr. Kotanjyan is fluent in Russian, and has extensive experience managing complex projects and providing insights on geopolitics to private sector and government clients.

Mr. Kotanjyan holds four graduate degrees in international political economy and related disciplines from Stanford University, London School of Economics, and Central European University.

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