Thesis Planning Form / MA in Science Writing

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Please complete at least one month before thesis term.

List all program courses completed or now attending, with instructor name:

If you’ve taken more than 8 courses, list each course name and instructor below.

Describe intended thesis in form, content, style, theme, approach. (Be specific. Don't just say "a collection of stories.")

Selecting Thesis Material

For the First Draft, students select from the best material they produced in the Science Writing Program. Please note below the total number of completed essays, stories, articles, chapters, or other pieces that you completed while in the program, in number of separate items and combined total number of pages:

Choosing from the material above, provide the total number of pieces and estimated total number of pages that you are considering for your first thesis draft:

Of those pieces under consideration, describe each by title and form and explain the number of revisions you will have completed of each by your intended thesis term. (This list is tentative.)

Title: "Longing"
Description: Essay on first love
Revision Explanation: Revised twice in workshop, twice for thesis

(This plan can be changed as you revise your thesis.)

To help your thesis advisor even more...

A. Describe the form(s) and style(s) of your thesis writing (experimental short stories, postmodern novel chapters, non-linear reported essay, series of profiles, etc.)

B. List or explain three writing issues or craft techniques on which you most want input for thesis.

C. Provide any other information about themes, connections, contrasts, goals, and literary vision for your thesis writing.