Student Travel

Advanced Academic Programs conducts several courses each academic year which require international or domestic travel. This page will serve a useful reference while you prepare to depart on and organize your travel study.

Registration Process

Travel study courses do not follow the regular AAP registration periods or processes. Registration always begins before the normally scheduled time to allow for planning purposes, and the refund process does not apply. AAP also requires a non-refundable amount and typically asks students to pay all tuition and fees within a 72 period of registering. Additionally, students cannot drop travel study courses online either. Each program always sets a date by which no refunds are allowed. Check your program page for specific details.

Student Emergency Contact Information

Students must update their emergency contact information in SIS by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to
  2. Hover over the “Personal Information” tab
  3. Select “Emergency Contact”
  4. Complete “Emergency Contact” information

International and Domestic Trip Forms

Other forms may be required for your course prior to departure. Check your program page for further information.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable that students purchase travel insurance for these types of courses as any expenses you have incurred airfare, transportation costs, hotels, beyond the tuition and fees associated with this course are the student’s responsibility should the course be canceled for any reason. Johns Hopkins is not responsible for these personal expenses should the course be canceled. To compare policies and for further information, visit the travel insurance comparison site Insure My Trip. One travel medical insurance students may choose to investigate amongst others is CMI Insurance Worldwide.

Health Insurance

Well before departure, check with your doctor to see if you need any immunizations before traveling. Immunization information can also be found at the sites for the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization International Travel and Health. Participants should make sure their health and accident insurance covers them while traveling abroad. If your insurance does not cover you, we strongly advise purchasing temporary health insurance.

HX Global, Inc.

Johns Hopkins is a member of HX Global, Inc., which covers JHU students while participating in international courses. HX Global, Inc. is medical and emergency evacuation assistance, it is NOT health insurance. Students are encouraged to review HX Global, Inc. benefits/information by going to MyJH, selecting Travel, then Travel Program. If you cannot access it through JHU’s website go directly to the HX Global website. First-time users will need to register and enter the Policy Number JH18492. Members can use the site to access medical and travel safety information.

Travel Checklist

Consider the following things before traveling:

  • Give a copy of your passport face page to a close family member or friend at home.
  • Sign and return all releases and assumption of risk forms to the AAP office prior to departure.
  • Update all immunizations for travel to the country.
  • Make sure that your passport is valid for 6 months after your return.
  • Secure your visa if that is necessary for travel.
  • Acquire multiple forms of money: cash, traveler’s checks, ATM and credit cards. Do not carry large amounts of cash. Money belts are handy. Keep a list of cards, account numbers, PIN numbers and emergency card replacement procedures in multiple places. Inform your credit card/ATM provider of your overseas travel.
  • Purchase international phone cards or consider short term international coverage on your cell phone.
  • Take all medicines with you for the trip along with copies of all prescriptions and the generic of the drugs. Keep medicines in the original labeled drugstore containers. Take extra eyeglasses or contacts and the prescription.

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