BankMobile Refund Program

Johns Hopkins University has adopted a new refund program for students offered by BankMobile. In the event of excess financial aid/loans or paper check over-payments, this card can be easily reimbursed.

** If dropped, classes originally paid by credit card or e-check result in a credit balance, your refund will be returned to that credit card or to the bank account associated with the e-check transaction.

Using the BankMobile Disbursements Program is optional, but recommended.

If you decide to use this service, you are asked to go online and choose how you would like to receive any refunds you might receive from JHU based on excess financial aid/loans or paper check over-payments, known as FA/PC refunds.


You will be offered three choices on how to receive a FA/PC refund:

  1. Direct Deposit into your personal bank account
  2. Paper check
  3. Open a new checking account “BankMobile Vibe Account” with BankMobile and use the associated card as a debit card.

The option you choose is entirely at your discretion.

The program is named the BankMobile Disbursements program and you should log on to and follow the instructions to select your refund method choice.


The following is a summary of important aspects of the BankMobile new refund program:

  • You have three options to choose from. The University does not endorse any particular option – which option you choose is up to you and your family.
  • If you do not choose an option at all, the default will be for BankMobile to send you a paper check within 20 days of your refund being made available.
  • You can change your refund preference at any time. Once selected, you are not locked into your choice. You may go online and change to another option as you wish.
  • The BankMobile Vibe Account from BankMobile is designed so that it can be used for free. However, if you choose the BankMobile Vibe card option, you may be subject to fees just as you would with any bank account. A complete schedule of fees can be found at

Please be assured that we are always concerned about the cost of your education and we encourage you to make informed choices about higher education financial matters.

Any questions should be addressed to Homewood Student Accounts Office at (410) 516-8158 or by logging into SIS (click on Billing section)