Paul Weinstein Quoted in Washington Post

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Paul Weinstein

Paul Weinstein

Recent Washington Post’s article, Why some new higher education reforms may hurt students rather than help, features several quotes from Paul Weinstein, Director of the MA in Public Management program. From the article:

The most dramatic idea to speed students to graduation is to shrink college itself from four years to three, an option now provided by at least 32 institutions — including Ball State, American, New York, Kent State and Purdue universities and the University of Iowa — according to Paul Weinstein, director of the Johns Hopkins University graduate program in public management, who in a new report gives this reform a failing grade.

“They are taking the four-year curriculum and simply squeezing it into three years and saying to students, ‘If you think you can do this, be our guest, but we’re not really providing you with support, with counseling about how to schedule your courses.

We’re not rethinking the curriculum at all for a three-year model,’” Weinstein said.

Colleges instead should cut unnecessary electives and study abroad, require students to declare their majors earlier and give more credit for high school Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses, he said.

“They’re misleading students who try to do the three-year thing,” Weinstein said. “They plan on it and they can’t do it, so they drop out,” often piling up debt along the way.

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