Odyssey Spring 2019 Course Catalog Available Now

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Odyssey Course Catalog Spring 2019
See the PDF of our Course Catalog for the Spring 2019 semester.

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Spring 2019 Highlights Include:

  • Perspectives: Multi-Speaker Lecture Series (Click here)
    New Orleans: The Place to Go and Why! (Click here)
    Mini Law School with Mark Croatti – Coordinator (Click here)
    Bay of Life – The Chesapeake with Steven Richmond – Coordinator (Click here)
  • Pete Kakel on Rethinking the American Revolution (Click here)
  • Sunday Shorts with Dianne Scheper and Gregg Wilhelm (Click here)
  • Douglas Buchanan performs Bach – The Art of Fugue (Click here)
  • Leonardo at 500 with Jonathan Pevsner (Click here)
  • John Hessler on The Science of Gerrymandering (Click here)
  • “Shakespeare’s Henry Vand Leadership” with Edward Doyle-Gillespie (Click here)
  • Learn to Read Music – Part 2, The Key’s the Thing! with Douglas Blackstone (Click here)
  • Foreign Languages: Italian, French, and Spanish (Click here)
  • Creative Writing: including a Journaling Retreat with Diane Finlayson (Click here)

And much more!