NYT Reviews “The Mirror Thief,” Martin Seay’s Novel That Arose from MA in Writing Course

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The NYT book review section had a rave review of the first novel written by Martin Seay, “The Mirror Thief.”

It turns out that that the book arose from an AAP’s MA in Writing program course taught by Richard Peabody. More specifically, it started with a particular homework assignment, which became this book after 14 years:

“Now—almost exactly fourteen years after I walked into Richard’s next class with twenty-five pages of chaos ending with an apologetic note that read, in effect, “I think I’ll probably keep working on this”—it’s finally time to call this thing done.”

The end of the NYT book review says:

It is impossible to get through the novel without a dictionary, an atlas and a permanent connection to Google. This is not a book to take on vacation without a good data-roaming package. … Reading this novel sometimes feels like being 8 years old again, learning new words in every sentence.