Mavericks of War: A Discussion with Dr. Jason S. Ridler

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Dr. Jason S. Ridler

Dr. Jason Ridler

Dr. Mark Stout sits down with Dr. Jason Ridler to talk about his book Mavericks of War: The Unconventional, Unorthodox Innovators and Thinkers, Scholars, and Outsiders Who Mastered the Art of War published in 2018. Dr. Ridler describes a cast of characters from T.E. Lawrence during World War I to the British pacifist Emma Sky who served as political adviser to General Ray Odierno, the Commanding General of Multi-National Corps – Iraq. Along the way, he and Mark discuss what defines these mavericks and what makes them successful or unsuccessful.

Dr. Ridler teaches 470.685 “The Challenge of Change: Innovation in Military Affairs” for the Global Security Studies and Science, Technology and International Security programs.

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