MA in Film and Media Assistant Director Gabo Arora in Johns Hopkins Magazine

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The Immersive World of Gabo

Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person’s shoes

In January 2018, the Krieger School’s Master of Arts in Film and Media appointed Arora director of its new Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technology concentration, which is pending approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The concentration will feature a rigorous curriculum of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital storytelling, and creative technology studies. Arora admits he’s still getting his feet wet at Johns Hopkins, and for now the program amounts to an elective in immersive storytelling that he teaches at the JHU-MICA Film Centre in Baltimore’s Station North neighborhood, with occasional field trips to his studio in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn.

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