Kristina Obom, Patrick Cummings and Josh Olszewicz Had Their Article Published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE

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Kristina Obom, Patrick Cummings and one of the Center for Biotechnology Education faculty members Josh Olszewicz had their article published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE.

Nanopore DNA Sequencing for Metagenomic Soil Analysis. J. Vis. Exp. (130), e55979, doi:10.3791/55979 (2017)

This article describes the steps for construction of a DNA library from soil, preparation and use of the nanopore flow cell, and analysis of the DNA sequences identified using computer software. Nanopore DNA sequencing is a flexible technique that allows for rapid microbial genome sequencing to identify bacterial and viral species, to characterize bacterial strains, and to detect genetic mutations that confer resistance to antibiotics. The advantages of nanopore sequencing (NS) for life sciences include its low complexity, reduced cost, and rapid real-time sequencing of purified genomic DNA, PCR amplicons, cDNA samples, or RNA NS is an example of “strand sequencing” which involves sequencing DNA by guiding a single stranded DNA molecule through a nanopore that is inserted into a synthetic polymer membrane. The membrane has an electrical current applied across it, so as the individual bases pass through the nanopore the electrical current is disrupted to varying degrees by the four nucleotide bases. The identification of each nucleotide occurs by detecting the characteristic modulation of the electrical current by the different bases as they pass through the nanopore. The NS system consists of a handheld, USB powered portable device and a disposable flow cell that contains a nanopore array. The portable device plugs into a standard laptop computer that reads and records the DNA sequence using computer software.