Dr. Jennifer Bachner Discusses Best State Capitals on WalletHub

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Dr. Jennifer Bachner

Dr. Jennifer Bachner

Director of the MS in Government Analytics program Dr. Jennifer Bachner discusses how to evaluate the nation’s state capitals in WalletHub’s 2018’s Best State Capitals to Live in. For example, in response to the question of whether residents of capital cities are more likely to be politically engaged, Bachner explains:

Given the work of political staff, advocacy groups, lobbyists and other professionals in state capitals, you can expect to find a higher rate of engaged residents in a capital city. There are also reasons to suspect that even those not directly employed in the political arena may be more politically engaged. For example, political science teaches us that higher levels of social capital are linked to more political engagement, and many state capitals boast tight-knit communities. Further, research shows that political knowledge leads to an increase in political engagement, and residents of state capitals are more likely to possess higher levels of political knowledge as they work with or even interact socially with other residents whose professional lives revolve around state government affairs.

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