Cultural Heritage Management Podcasts: Kaitlyn Kingsland

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Heritage Unbounded Podcast
Our most recent podcast: Episode 20-06

Archaeogaming: The Archaeology of and in Gaming

An interview with Kaitlyn Kingsland

Heritage Unbounded Podcast Episode 20-06 Kaitlyn Kingsland

Kaitlyn Kingsland

We welcome Kaitlyn Kingsland, for a conversation about Archaeogaming. Kaitlyn is a doctoral student at the University of South Florida and a researcher at the Institute for Digital Exploration or iDEx. Her work focuses on 3D and digital applications to archaeology, history, and cultural heritage. She also studies archaeogaming and is the current manager and editor of, a blog dedicated to the discussion of the archaeology both of and in video games.

Heritage Unbounded Podcast Episode 20-06 Archaeogaming

Be sure to visit and follow Kaitlyn on Twitter at @Archaeogaming. Interested in learning more about the archaeogaming? Check out the website’s resources page.

We are eager to see how this subdiscipline develops.