Center for Advanced Governmental Studies Newsletter: Connect 2018

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Dear Alumni, 

As spring comes to a close, we celebrate the end of another successful academic year here at CAGS and welcome a new class of alumni. This year 200 graduated from one of our existing 5 master’s and 3 certificate degrees! One of our alumni, Jeff Selingo (MA in Gov, ’01), delivered the AAP commencement address in Baltimore on May 23rd. Jeff reminded graduates in humility and humor of some important life lessons he has had since graduating, such as how important it can be to follow up on unexpected opportunities that come to you rather than risk missing them and also to know that from failure can come new paths you could not have foreseen otherwise. On May 17th, Ben Ginsberg was the master of ceremonies for the Center’s Graduation and Rewards Ceremony held in Washington, D.C. (see story inside). 

In this issue, in addition to Center and program updates, we note the exciting range of activities and other news many of you have sent to us — keep it coming! With the election season coming into full swing, we note and congratulate Amy McGrath (GSS, ’14) who won her primary race in Kentucky and whose congressional campaign continues to draw national attention. In Maryland, we have two MA in Government alumni who are widely recognized as among the most effective state legislators, State Delegate Marc Korman and State Senator Brian Feldman. We are proud of all of our graduates and inspired by the myriad ways in which you serve and otherwise utilize your Hopkins degrees. 

We hope you will all find ways to get connected or deepen your connections to each other and Hopkins. Please join our LinkedIn group if you haven’t already. Consider hosting a meet-up in your city for other CAGS alumni (contact Kathy Wagner Hill for possible support for this or another alumni event). Keep us informed of your whereabouts and achievements (send updates to Sarah O’Byrne), or consider taking a class at some point as an alumnus (50% discount if taken non-credit). 

Most important, please keep in touch!

Ben and Kathy

Benjamin Ginsberg
Chair, Center for Advanced Governmental Studies 

Kathy Wagner Hill
Director, Center for Advanced Governmental Studies 

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