Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Student Tevin Ali Awarded Sallie Mae’s Scholarship

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Tevin Ali

Picture credit: Sallie Mae

Tevin Ali, a student in the MBEE program, was recently awarded Sallie Mae’s Bridging the Dream Scholarship for Graduate Students. Out of more than 3,400 applicants Sallie Mae choose four students who are striving to make change in their communities while pursuing their dreams. Each recipient received $20,000 dollars to put toward his or her future. Ali highlighted two of his professors who helped him achieve his goals.

“Having Dr. Wellman as a professor for two semesters transitioned me into graduate school and the online learning environment smoothly and effectively. Learning and honing in on my presentation skills through an online context via VoiceThread expanded my range of skills and knowledge on special topics in biotechnology. I used VoiceThread in my application for this scholarship, which speaks to how I am utilizing what I learned through the program’s courses this past year beyond the classroom. Additionally, readings in courses such as Cynthia Montgomery’s Putting Leadership back into Strategy and The Art of Persuasion helped progress professionally and personally. Without what I learned in Dr. Wellman’s Proseminar and Ethics Courses, this wouldn’t have been possible. I wish I could have her as a professor every semester!

This semester was the semester I mastered the concept of leadership and expanded my knowledge and understanding on leading change. The highlights for me in Dr. Johnson Langer’s course were learning from readings such as, “Enduring Edge” and “Authentic Leadership.” These articles turned my gears and took my leadership skills to the next level in addition to other assignments like the semester-long change project. Also, the Reflective Leadership Essay done in Dr. Johnson Langer’s class helped me in telling my story of leadership for the scholarship. The feedback received on my essays and projects throughout the semester helped me grow and to fine-tune my craft even further.”

In addition to Dr. Wellman and Dr. Johnson Langer, Ali wanted to thank all the educators who have played a role in helping him reach this milestone.