Announcing Johns Hopkins University’s Student Conduct Code

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Dear Students,

Many of you come to Johns Hopkins to participate in programs that intersect across multiple divisions and campuses across the university. To better support all students, the Johns Hopkins University non-academic Student Conduct Code has been integrated and updated to include all divisions with the exception of the School of Medicine. Up to this point, Whiting School of Engineering and Krieger School of Arts and Sciences had a joint undergraduate student conduct code while Peabody and each graduate division has maintained their own similar conduct code. Joining together under one streamlined and uniform code will ensure students are treated consistently across divisions.

Being a member of the Johns Hopkins University community is both an honor and privilege. Acceptance of membership in the University community carries with it an obligation on the part of each individual to respect the rights of others, to protect the University as a forum for the free expression of ideas, and to obey the law. Students are required to know and abide by the university Student Conduct Code. It is important that you take a few minutes to read, review and know the Code as your academic success is enhanced when you are member of a respectful, safe and healthy community.

It is important to note that as students, you are still accountable for the Academic Honor or Ethics Code for each division you are enrolled in courses. Additionally, some divisions and disciplines have professional codes for which you may be accountable. Links to divisional academic and professional policies can be accessed here.

Kevin Shollenberger

Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Brandon Boulter

Assistant Dean for Marketing, Admissions,
Enrollment Management, and Student Services
Advanced Academic Programs