Amir Poudel Published Book Chapter: Indigenous Knowledge for Wetland Conservation and Resource Utilization

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Amir Poudel

Amir Poudel

MS in Environmental Science and Policy faculty Amir Poudel has just published a chapter in the book: Indigenous Knowledge for Wetland Conservation and Resource Utilization: A Case Study of Ramsar Sites, Nepal.

In this work, Prof. Poudel looked at how Wetlands are the source of livelihoods to humans. Particularly in the developing countries with subsistence nature of lifestyle, roles and associations of humans with wetlands are even more pronounced. There is however growing trend in the loss of wetland related knowledge – associated with resource use and management. As older people have gradually stopped using such knowledge and as younger members in the communities migrate away from village, such knowledge is getting scarce. Amir Poudel and his colleague examined the different knowledge and practices associated with use and management of such vital wetland resources. In this book chapter, they present both the knowledge and the management practices done by rural communities in the wetlands of Nepal.

Please see a copy of the text.