AAP Student Kimberly Church Named Finalist for Presidential Management Fellows Program

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Kimberly Church

Kimberly Church

Each year the Presidential Management Fellows Program (PMF) presents an opportunity for recent graduates to engage with a two year paid fellowship with the Federal government to gain skills, be mentored and trained to work in a leadership role within the Federal government.

In December, PMF named 425 finalists from a pool of 6,040 applicants. Church and the other finalists come from 161 academic institutions, covering 69 disciplines. Of the 425, JHU as a whole institution had 20 PMF Finalists, including Church. It should be noted that 15% of the finalists were veterans.

Grateful to be a 2018 PMF finalist, Church said “my coursework has allowed me to explore my interests and become more confident in my leadership capabilities. I am grateful for the encouragement and support from my professors.” Church also gave credit to the JHU AAP Career Services for helping her achieve this success. “During my first semester in the MS in Biotechnology program, the (JHU AAP) Career Center helped me identify my goals and develop a plan to be a good candidate for the PMF program.”

AAP Career Services assists students by providing a PMF webinar to bring awareness to the exceptional Federal leadership training program and offers guidance for quality applications. Each year Career Services supports the AAP students interested in the program through providing one-on-one coaching to assist with the application process.