Alumni Tuition Benefit Program

Advanced Academic Programs’ alumni are always welcome to register for courses in AAP. Alumni are important resources for our programs, and alumni utilize our programs as a way to continue their education beyond their original degrees. In addition, having alumni in courses boosts the academic rigor, knowledge, and experience in the classroom. To promote this interaction and to provide opportunities for alumni to take courses they missed or that will help them remain current in their fields, the Advanced Academic Programs offers the Alumni Tuition Benefit Program.

Alumni interested in registering for courses can select either a full credit, full tuition option or a non-credit, reduced cost alumni benefit option. However, both options have limited seats available for alumni. Alumni will be subject to the same prerequisite requirements for courses as students.

Full Tuition Option (with credit)

Alumni have the option to register for an approved course as a special student. Your registration will be processed in a timely manner during regular registration or late registration. You will be in competition for seats along with current students (first come, first served). The course will appear on a transcript.

Space-Available Tuition Benefit (non-credit)

A certain number of courses qualify for space-available tuition benefits. Alumni interested in this option will be eligible for a 50-percent reduction in tuition in any course for which they qualify, on a space available system, in a participating program. Enrollment Services will maintain an Alumni Waiting List for alums who want to register under the tuition benefit option. This wait-list does not obligate a student to register. After the normal registration period ends, Enrollment Services will provide each program with the waiting list. No record of this course will appear on the transcript. Alumni should inquire with the respective program for the latest courses that qualify for space-available tuition benefits.

Qualification Required: In all cases above, alumni can enroll only in courses for which they qualify. For instance, alumni would not be able to enroll in courses that require certain prerequisites they have not completed. Nor would alumni be able to enroll in courses outside their chosen concentration or degree program without qualifying for that course. Each participating program will determine the qualification process for a program, concentration, student, or course. A program may elect to limit the courses open to alumni or they may reserve a certain number of slots for current students.Alumni should inquire with the respective program for the latest courses that qualify for alumni enrollment.

Registering for a Course

To register for a course as an alumni, complete and submit an Alumni Registration form. Alumni registering under full-tuition will be notified via email of their successful registration as it is processed. Because spaces for courses are limited and current degree students along with full tuition alumni have priority for course registration, space-available alumni will be placed on a wait-list until after the course registration period ends (check the academic calendar for the semester registration end date). You will then be notified if you were successfully registered for your courses based on availability.