Online Policy Information

AAP Online Course Access Policy

According to AAP policy, students have one full semester after the end of the semester in which they take an online course to retrieve their own student-generated work and to access course materials. The University’s policy on the use of Intellectual Property applies in all cases where students access online classes after a semester has already ended. Additionally, individual instructors or University administration have the option to make courses available for longer or shorter periods of time.

Policies for Online Students from Specific States

The following is a list of some state specific policies:

State State specific policy
Arkansas The student should be aware that these degree programs may not transfer. The transfer of course/degree credit is determined by the receiving institution.
Iowa Johns Hopkins University is registered by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission on behalf of the State of Iowa. Iowan residents who wish to inquire about Johns Hopkins University or file a complaint may contact the ICSAC at 430 E. Grand Avenue, Third Floor, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 or (515) 725-3400.
Minnesota Johns Hopkins University is registered as a Private Institution with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to sections 136A.61 to 136A.71. Registration is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.
Wisconsin Wisconsin Refund Policy
The student will receive a full refund of all money paid if the student:a. Cancels within the three-business-day cancellation period under EAB 6.04; b. Accepted was unqualified and the school did not secure a disclaimer under EAB 9.04; c. Enrollment was procured as the result of any misrepresentation in the written materials used by the school or in oral representations made by or on behalf of the school.Refunds will be made within ten business days of cancellation.A student who withdraws or is dismissed after attending at least one class, but before completing 60% of the instruction in the current enrollment period, is entitled to a pro rata refund as follows:

at least but less than refund of tuition
1 unit/class 10% 90%
10% 20% 80%
20% 30% 70%
30% 40% 60%
40% 50% 50%
50% 60% 40%
60% no no refund

As part of this policy, the school may retain a one-time application fee of no more than $100. The school will make every effort to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges. A student will receive the refund within 40 days of termination date. If a student withdraws after completing 60% of the instruction, and withdrawal is due to mitigating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the school may refund a pro rata amount. A written notice of withdrawal is not required.