Science Writing at Hopkins

The previous Science-Medical Writing Concentration in the MA in Writing Program has expanded into a new and separate MA in Science Writing and Graduate Certificate in Science Writing. For the first time, both new programs are available to students anywhere in the nation through fully online courses. The only exception is a brief onsite Residency course required for the MA in Science Writing degree; the Residency is optional for the Certificate. To find out more, you also can email or directly contact our Faculty Advisor in Science Writing, Melissa Hendricks.

Students who recently applied to the previous Science-Medical Writing concentration in the Writing Program will be notified of the new degree and certificate and will be given the opportunity to shift their application to either new program. Current students in the Science-Medical Writing concentration will have the option of completing their MA in Writing degree or shifting to the new degree.

Note: While Johns Hopkins recently canceled a full-time Science Writing program at its main Baltimore campus, the MA in Science Writing is still available and thriving in its new online / low-residency format. The new degree and certificate arise from 20 years of successful instruction in science writing in the MA in Writing Program.