MA in Writing Program Online

MA in Writing Online Courses

The MA in Writing Program now offers an online/low residency MA degree program along with our current onsite MA degree program. Students now have a choice to take their MA in Writing courses onsite in Baltimore or Washington, DC, to take them online, or to take a mix of the two modalities. Our onsite, face-to-face program will remain as it has been for more than twenty-five years. At the same time, our online presence allows any student to earn the full Masters degree in fiction or nonfiction by taking online classes along with one 7-10 day summer residency.

Our online MA degree program contains the same curriculum as currently exists onsite, and, with the exception of the 7-10 day summer residency – which is optional for onsite students but required for students who take only online courses – students meet the same requirements online as onsite students also meet. Our online courses contain the same high quality of our onsite courses. Online courses are full, fourteen-week semester courses, with discussions and readings and writing and presentations, that use online methods to create the same sense of a community of writers that marks our face-to-face courses.

The two programs, onsite and online, have the same courses and the same faculty. As an example, in any given semester, we’ll run two Fiction Workshops – one to take place face-to-face and a second to be conducted online. These will be separate courses, but a student may choose to take either one. The same will be true for our Nonfiction Workshops, our core courses, our electives, and our final course, Thesis and Publication. The only difference in requirements is that one 7-10 day summer residency is required for students taking all their other courses online; it’s optional for students who take at least one other course face-to-face.

Our online MA degree will create opportunities for lifelong learners who are serious about writing and who wish to become better writers to earn that degree from Johns Hopkins University, no matter where in the country or the world they live. We look forward to working with all students of writing, both local and far away.

Multi-Year Schedule of Online Courses

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